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      With "YOUR DJ YOUR WAY", You can customize your event the way you and your guests want it!!!!


HI my name is DJ TOMMY 2 TONE and i wanna welcome you to my site. Let me tell you a little about what I'm trying to do. I have been to those parties where the DJ just don't get it, you know the one that plays that dirty version of the dirty song at fiftieth wedding anniversary. Well I came up with a new concept lets play what you and your guests wanna hear WOW how bout that give you what you pay for and at a reasonable price. Cause I know how hard times are and you want the best value for your buck just like I do. That's why I am getting back into DJ-ing, I have been DJ-ing for about 13 years now I took a break due to a few health issues but now I'm coming back to do this full time. The idea of playing requests even if I don't have them came to me at a wedding reception that I attended that went horribly wrong and the bride ended up in tears. So I'm going to start DJ-ing again, and I've found a way to do KARAOKE on line so I am offering that as well. I am a proffessional I will not drink during a gig (I have seen this become a problem) nor will any staff that accompanies me, maybe after I'm done I have one but never while I'm on the clock. A drunk DJ is the last thing you need to worry about, I do all events under a contractual basis this protects you as well as me. So as you see all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your event and leave the music to me, so feel free to contact me at 303-888-1780 or leave me a note in the contact us section above, or Email me at Don't forget to checkout the customize your event page and if you decide to use my service now you have the option of paying your deposit online just click on the web store.